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Kris P (26/12/2011 15:31:26)
I've just begun reading the book and enjoy it so far. I bought this book in hopes to go deeper in the bible to get to know my savior. I did notice a few typos that I wanted to point out so that they might be corrected in future editions: - on the chart on page 15, Poetry of Wisdom says "Song of Songs" under it, and I imagine Songs of Solomon was the intended text. -Pg 17 reads "Today over 2 million people - about one in three of the world's population..." I believe "billion" was the intended word here. Again, a lovely book so far, but I wanted to point these out for future editions. Thanks again, and God Bless.
Isamaeli Fatu (18/12/2011 21:03:45)
I love to use this CLC Bible Companion to develop a clear mind of getting through an additional cyclamen of knowledge to equip the teaching methods of our Lord Jesus Christ through the way he gave us a perfect truth by his word of Life and anointing for his eternity to all his people and his followers to stay the same with Jesus our Saviour
Karleen Vinciguerra (25/11/2011 06:47:12)
Many thanks for having written this. That’s the most full info I have found on this topic.
Frederic Liftin (18/11/2011 18:31:05)
Hi man! I completely agree with your thoughts. I really appreciate what you’re providing here.
Jeff Moore (16/11/2011 22:20:18)
Just received the ppt set , and then looked on the website and all the ppts are for free anyway so why would you not tell people so they dont buy it and just download it from the website??

Ed:  We do try to make it clear on all the literature, and in the book, that the ppts are available free online.  However the ppt disc has much more flexibility - you can manipulate the presentations while the free ones online are fixed.  Hope this helps.
Elaine Howard (13/11/2011 07:36:37)
I am not certain how to use it.

Ed:  Any suggestions for Elaine??  Post them here.
melissa vella (17/10/2011 00:29:46)
I picked it up hoping it would answer so many questions I had about why things were the way they were in the Bible and while it's answered some, it's also given me so much joy. It's allowed me to notice things that I would have missed and explained far more than I knew it would. Thank-you so much for this book. My bible study is about to use it too!! yay
George McClelland (02/10/2011 09:57:44)
Only had it a week but seems to be very well written.
cherrie de guzman (28/09/2011 06:18:45)
Regarding the definition for FASTING, just checking, "the practice of NOT abstaining from food..." isn't abstaining means NOT TO take food?

Ed:  Whoops!  Thank you for pointing this out.  The error is on page 798
James Dash (26/08/2011 07:40:57)
Wonderful. I can see a lot of work for this series as we get this Association flying
Penny Clementson (11/07/2011 05:43:08)
What I have read so far of this very readable resource has challenged me, reminded me, encouraraged me and given me great assurance of our dear Father's great love for us in Jesus Christ. I look forward to using this resource on a regular basis to help me and others, to grow in Jesus' likeness.
Rod Fowler (10/07/2011 22:47:43)
Great tool. Can't wait until the French version comes out:)
Vera Fletcher (08/07/2011 05:54:11)
Just received them today. What I've seen so far is Brilliant!
Ken Kitchin (07/07/2011 08:49:55)
What a great resource for growth groups looking for effective ongoing study material. We are encouraging all in our church to have their own copy, the price is excellent for such a quality resource. Supporting material is excellent also.
Keith Beale (05/07/2011 13:16:49)
As soon as I saw the CLC Bible Companion I knew it would be a great tool for my church leadership. So I bought a copy for each of our pastors and adult Sunday School teachers. Within a half-hour, one of the teachers was already using it and said that it was a great help. Following church that Sunday, two people came up to me to ask where they could buy a copy. I pray this will be a great tool for church leadership and for individuals in their own personal Bible reading and study.
Romualdo Macinas (29/06/2011 16:22:01)
I just could'nt forget when we meditated the topic on fatherhood of God during our devotion from this easy to understand book, "The CLC bible Companion" because I see my God as my perfect Father. I could not help myself but to cry as it was a tears of joy. The Lord touched me. Thank God for using this resources for me to know Him more as Father. It is my prayer that He will continue to put this book into the hands of thousands of thousands of people. May He continue to touch many people through this book.
Liz Patten (11/06/2011 12:44:31)
This is a really great tool and a lifetime study and reference book. Apart from solid content, it is attractively packaged. Amazingly, there are ready-made powerpoints available too! I am looking forward to putting this almost inexhaustible resource into the hands of my church leaders and a Pastor's library in Uganda.
Martin Manser (10/06/2011 17:32:54)
Great - praise God!
Martin Holsinger (10/06/2011 05:18:29)
This is one incredible resource! There is such a refreshing simplicity to the book, which makes it both engaging to read, as well as applicable to life. It truly is a "companion" to all who are motivated to Discover, Understand, and Apply the Bible.
Neil Wardrope (10/05/2011 15:55:03)
I cannot wait for this book to arrive. Having seen the pre-edition samples, I believe it enables many people to understand the Bible and apply it to their daily lives
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