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The CLC Bible Companion

This is an all-in-one guide to the Bible that is both a comprehensive reference book and an exciting companion.  Here you will have the opportunity to:

    •    know Jesus Christ – who He is
    •    discover the contents of the Bible
    •    explore the truth of the Bible
    •    believe and experience the message of the Bible

This book has two special tasks: firstly, to open up the Bible to anyone truly seeking to understand the truth of the Word of God and, secondly, to enable teachers and preachers to communicate the message of the Bible in an effective way.

The user-friendly text, divided into hundreds of individual studies, means that the book can be used in a variety of ways:

    •    as a short daily devotional
    •    as an in-depth inductive study investigating the Bible references given for each study
    •    as source material for teaching in home groups or preaching in church

The core sections:

    •    Knowing Jesus (pages 16–115)  – is a guide to the person of Jesus Christ.

    •    The Bible Book by Book (pages 116–405) – is an overview of the essentials of each book of the Bible, giving a summary, an outline and the key teachings, plus application to work out its relevance for today.

    •    Bible Teaching (pages 406–539) – explores the essential truths of Christianity, such as God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and Humanity, in a clear and methodical way, to lay a solid foundation for your Christian life.

    •    Discovering God’s Way (pages 540–671) – gives teaching on helping us go deeper in our Christian faith.

    •    Living the Christian Life (pages 672–787) – shows how we are to work out and apply the message of the Bible at every stage in our Christian life.

    •  Resources for the Journey (pages 788–845) – provides a listing of key themes with Bible references, a guide to using the teaching in this book on PowerPoint, and an index to the book.

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