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Sample Jesus Teaching about Himself
Jesus: Teaching about Himself
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Sample The Church
The Church: Its relationship to Christ
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Sample: Galatians
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Knowing Jesus

01 Knowing Jesus: Jesus' unique identity (Size: 21.78MB)

Jesus in history, Jesus the Messiah, Jesus the true human, Jesus the Son of God, Jesus Wisdom and Word, Jesus the Lord

02 Knowing Jesus: Jesus' radical teaching (Size: 18.36MB)

Teaching in parables, Teaching on the Mount, Teaching on prayer, Teaching about God and His Kingdom, Teaching about the future, Teaching about Himself

03 Knowing Jesus: Jesus' powerful encounters (Size: 20.40MB)

Crowds and disciples, Acts of healing, Nature miracles, Satan and demons, Forgiveness of sinners, Authorities and opponents

04 Knowing Jesus: Jesus' perfect salvation (Size: 14.08MB)

Rejection in Jerusalem, New Passover, new Exodus, Dealing with sin, The triumph of resurrection, The gift of the Spirit, New creation

The Bible Book by Book

02-Bible Book by Book (New Testament 1) (Size: 13.15MB)

Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts: Key themes

02-Bible Book by Book (New Testament 2) (Size: 12.38MB)

Romans, 1 Corinthians, 2 Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians: Key themes

02-Bible Book by Book (New Testament 3) (Size: 9.31MB)

Philippians, Colossians and Philemon, 1 Thessalonians, 2 Thessalonians: Key themes

02-Bible Book by Book (New Testament 4) (Size: 5.36MB)

1 Timothy, 2 Timothy, Titus: Key themes

02-Bible Book by Book (New Testament 5) (Size: 14.25MB)

Hebrews, James, 1 Peter, 2 Peter: Key themes

02-Bible Book by Book (New Testament 6) (Size: 10.84MB)

1 John, 2 and 3 John, Jude, Revelation: Key themes

02-Bible Book by Book (Old Testament 1) (Size: 11.02MB)

Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy: Key themes

02-Bible Book by Book (Old Testament 10) (Size: 16.24MB)

Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi: Key themes

02-Bible Book by Book (Old Testament 2) (Size: 13.08MB)

Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1 Samuel, 2 Samuel: Key themes

02-Bible Book by Book (Old Testament 3) (Size: 10.92MB)

1 Kings, 2 Kings, 1 Chronicles, 2 Chronicles: Key themes

02-Bible Book by Book (Old Testament 4) (Size: 8.88MB)

Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther: Key themes

02-Bible Book by Book (Old Testament 5) (Size: 12.78MB)

Job, Psalms: Key themes

02-Bible Book by Book (Old Testament 6) (Size: 8.20MB)

Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs: Key themes

02-Bible Book by Book (Old Testament 7) (Size: 15.11MB)

Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations, Ezekiel, Daniel: Key themes

02-Bible Book by Book (Old Testament 8) (Size: 11.02MB)

Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah: Key themes

02-Bible Book by Book (Old Testament 9) (Size: 11.21MB)

Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk: Key themes

Bible Teaching

Bible Teaching 01 (The Bible) (Size: 10.27MB)

The Bible: Its main sections, its inspiration, its interpretation, its application, its central theme, its contents

Bible Teaching 02 (God) (Size: 12.18MB)

God: The Trinity, The Creator, God's being, God's character, The Fatherhood of God, God's revelation

Bible Teaching 03 (Jesus Christ) (Size: 6.88MB)

Jesus Christ: His incarnation, Main events in the Gospels, Main aspects of His ministry, His names, His atoning death, His triumphant resurrection

Bible Teaching 04 (The Holy Spirit) (Size: 7.00MB)

The Holy Spirit: His person, His names and descriptions, His work, His activity in the Christian, His fruit, His gifts

Bible Teaching 05 (Humanity) (Size: 10.11MB)

Humanity: Our uniqueness, our diversity, our rebellion and fall, our rebellion and condamnation, our quest and dillema, our enemies

Bible Teaching 06 (God's Messengers) (Size: 8.82MB)

God's Messengers: Angels, Patriarchs, Priests, Prophets, Apostles, Evangelists

Bible Teaching 07 (Salvation) (Size: 7.91MB)

Salvation: God's plan for humanity, Humanity's need of salvation, The way of salvation, Acceptance, Sanctification, In Romans

Bible Teaching 08 (The Christian) (Size: 12.87MB)

The Christian: The Christian described, The Christian and the Bible, The Christian and prayer, The Christian and witness, The Christian and the world, The Christian life

Bible Teaching 09 (The Church) (Size: 10.00MB)

The Church: Its characteristics, Its main description, Its relationship to Christ, Its authority and mission, Its ordinances, Its ministry and order

Bible Teaching 10 (The Last Things) (Size: 10.82MB)

The Last Things: The hope of the Christian, The prelude to Christ's return, The return of Christ, The judgement, The resurrection, The new order.

Discovering Jesus

Discovering Jesus 01 (The Teaching of Jesus) (Size: 8.14MB)

Jesus the teacher, Jesus and prayer, Jesus and forgiveness, Jesus and money, Jesus and the Kingdom

Discovering Jesus 02 (The actions of Jesus) (Size: 8.12MB)

Jesus the Son of Man, Jesus the story-teller, Jesus the disciple-maker, Jesus and women, Jesus performs miracles.

Discovering Jesus 03 (The Claims of Jesus) (Size: 8.41MB)

Jesus the Son of God, The claims of Jesus, Jesus - the promised King, Commitment to Jesus, Jesus gives hope for the future

Discovering Jesus 04 (The Good News of Jesus) (Size: 8.36MB)

Believing in Jesus, Jesus and the new birth, Good news for life, Justified by faith in Jesus

Discovering Jesus 05 (The Death and Resurrection) (Size: 8.56MB)

Jesus' atoning death, The triumph of Jesus' resurrection, The message of the resurrection, The ascension of Jesus, Jesus' return

Discovering Jesus 06 (Jesus and the Church) (Size: 11.78MB)

Jesus and His church, The church - God's own people, Growing together in Jesus, Fellowship - one in Jesus, The unity of the church

Discovering Jesus 07 (Making Jesus Known) (Size: 8.48MB)

Sharing the Good News, Evangelism - getting on with the job, Talking about Jesus, Lights in the world, Love: The new lifestyle

Discovering Jesus 08 (The Letter to the Hebrews) (Size: 8.76MB)

Jesus - God's final word, Jesus - sinless and sympathetic, Going on with Jesus, Jesus' death: the perfect sacrifice, Coming to God through Jesus

Discovering Prayer

Discovering Prayer 01 (Size: 10.82MB)

Asking for others, Knowing God, What is prayer? Right and wrong prayer, Burdened prayer

Discovering Prayer 02 (Size: 10.61MB)

When God seems far away. Getting right with God. What should I pray for? Pure praise. Prayer in earnest.

Discovering Prayer 03 (Size: 10.53MB)

A wise and loving Father. Pictures of prayer. Jesus' path of prayer. Last requests. Prayer in crisis.

Discovering Prayer 04 (Size: 10.66MB)

More than we ask for. Prayers from prison. God's high-powered priority - prayer in the church. Prayer for new Christians. Praying in faith.

Discovering Discipleship

Discovering Discipleship 01 (Size: 12.25MB)

Come and see! Jesus is Lord! Radical discipleship. From disciples to apostles.

Discovering Discipleship 02 (Size: 18.74MB)

Discipleship and the cross. Discipleship on the road. The good news is for sharing! Jesus' obedience as Son. Jesus Christ our Lord. The reality of prayer.

Discovering Discipleship 03 (Size: 12.49MB)

Lovely or radical? Salt, light and the Law. Becoming involved in God's world. Anger, adultery and divorce. Oaths, revenge and enemies. The Bible - God's word for life!

Discovering Discipleship 04 (Size: 12.27MB)

True Christian worship. Love God or hate Him. Onward, Christian soldiers! Wise ways to help people. Only two ways. Keep up the good work!

Moving on

Moving on as a Christian 01 (Size: 8.12MB)

God's rescue operation. Conversion - the radical change. The sovereignty of God. Amazing grace! We can be sure - that the Christian faith is true. We can be sure - that we have eternal life.

Moving on as a Christian 02 (Size: 7.79MB)

Three key words - light, life and truth. God's love and ours. Setting new priorities. The beauty of holiness. Coping with temptation. Real service.

Moving on as a Christian 03 (Size: 8.17MB)

Sunday - have a good day. The occult - hidden danger! Saying 'no' to ourselves. Suffering and healing. The gift of work. Mind your language!

Moving on as a Christian 04 (Size: 8.60MB)

Called to be free. Enjoying God. The Holy Spirit is vital! God's people - army of the Spirit. Facing up to persecution.

Moving on as a Christian 05 (Size: 6.74MB)

Make yourself at home! Living out God's word in His world. Transforming God's world. The power of praise. Living for Jesus every day.

Living Christian Life

Living Christian Life 01 (Starting) (Size: 12.44MB)

What it's all about. Making a new start. A new way of living. God's unbreakable promises. The help which God gives. A permanent life.

Living Christian Life 02 (Knowing) (Size: 10.82MB)

Know yourself. Knowing God. Know your enemy. Knowing where you stand. Knowing the truth. Knowing your privileges.

Living Christian Life 03 (Growing) (Size: 11.25MB)

The need for growth. The source of growth. The evidence of growth. The secret of growth. A pattern for growth. The problems of growth.

Living Christian Life 04 (Discovering) (Size: 11.76MB)

Discovering a new life. Discovering God's way. Discovering God's will. Discovering God's Word. Applying God's Word. Handling God's Word.

Living Christian Life 05 (Belonging) (Size: 9.27MB)

Belonging to God's family. Belonging to each other. Worshipping together. Sharing together. Ministries for each other. Working together.

Living Christian Life 06 (Testing) (Size: 6.90MB)

The reality of testing. Testing through doubt. Testing through temptation. Testing through failure. Testing through pain. Testing through persecution.

Living Christian Life 07 (Winning) (Size: 9.98MB)

Jesus is King. Victory is certain. Right in the heart. Overcoming evil. Resisting pressure. Onward Christian soldiers.

Living Christian Life 08 (Serving) (Size: 15.64MB)

Called to serve. Power to serve. Serving in the church. Into the world. Sharing good news. Service for life.

Living Christian Life 09 (Arriving) (Size: 12.35MB)

On the road to heaven. Coping with bereavement. Facing death. Action replay. Welcome home! Life's new beginning.

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